Welcome to the F123Light Project Online Guide. These pages are also available in Portuguese. Additional languages to be announced in the near future.

Feel free to suggest additional resources for this page. Here is what we already have:

Finding or Offering Help

Contributing Time, Talent, Contacts, Etc

If you value the work we do, please help us out. You can help in many ways. here are some ideas:

Our E-mail Lists

To join any of the following e-mail lists, you can send a blank e-mail message to the indicated address. You will then receive an e-mail message from the list, requesting confirmation. Just responding to that confirmation e-mail, i.e. pressing “reply” on your e-mail software, and sending the message without writing anything wil confirm and subscribe you to the list.

Announcements List

If all you want is to get an occasional e-mail from us, sharing the latest news, join our announcement list. The plan is to send just one message per month, maybe even less.

Technical List in English

Technically inclined users who can communicate in English should subscribe e-mailing F123e+subscribe@groups.io

General-Purpose List in English

English speakers who are not developers or technically inclined, but are interested in the project for day-to-day use in note-taking, office work, project management, and other activities, subscribe by sending an e-mail to F123-Visual-English+subscribe@groups.io

General-Purpose List in Spanish

Non-technical users who speak Spanish can join our group by sending an e-mail message to F123-Visual-espanol+subscribe@groups.io

General-Purpose List in Portuguese

Non-technical users who speak Portuguese can join by sending an e-mail message to F123-Visual-portugues+subscribe@groups.io

Social Networks

Those who want to keep in touch with the project through social networks, should know that we rarely respond to posts on social networks. Ideally, please get in touch with us via the above lists or via direct e-mail. If you wish to share a link about our project with others, please share this one:

Contacting Our Team Directly

Some messages are best sent directly to our team. E-mail messages in English can be sent to this address, in Spanish to this address, and in Portuguese to this address.

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